We recently collaborated with travel website myhotelbreak.com on their recent visit to Severndroog Castle. Find out what they discovered in this guest blog edition:


We were in London for a long weekend and a friend who stays in the capital had said to take time out to experience Severndroog Castle. They said we were in for a fantastic day and they weren’t wrong. The capital isn’t that well known for its gothic architecture but this attraction has it in abundance. We really recommend those who are looking for accommodation in London to visit Severndroog Castle.





Let’s find out more about the visit…

We had visited several other attractions during our city break in the capital and we were more than pleasantly surprised about this attraction. Not only for it being different and unique but because of the building's sheer presence. It was quite astounding and more than impressive.  The amazing view from Shooters Hill was unrivalled too. With views of bustling London and beyond. Visitors will also fall in love with the location.  The building looks at home in its ancient woodland setting which is really surprising for a city like London.  The little ones' imaginations will go wild here!




What we recommend

There is really something for everyone here. Whether you’re just looking to learn some history, enjoy a stroll around the grounds or enjoying something to eat and drink in the café.


We have to mention the volunteer guides who were on hand during our visit. We got a great insight into the history of the building and the whole purpose of its construction. We learned how it fell into disrepair and the challenge of its re-construction into being one of London’s secret gem attractions. Learn more on the history of the building by clicking here.


The team were a delight. From the second we walked in they met us with a friendly smile and made us feel relaxed and comfortable. I had a light bite from a menu which involved an Americano and a toasted Panini. Everything came on time, the food was excellent and the coffee was piping hot. It was a perfect way to relax and reflect on the great day at Severndroog Castle.




In Conclusion

For those looking for a different type of London experience, Severndroog Castle really has it all. Unrivalled views of the London skyline, the Thames and beyond. A breathtaking structure that has been brought back to life, that’s situated in a fantastic and mesmerising location along with a lovely tea room. We can’t recommend it enough. Enjoy creating memories at Severndroog Castle in London.