our doors might be closed but our commitment to our community continues 

Our vision for Severndroog Castle has always been to preserve the unique heritage of the building whilst providing a place of education, entertainment, relaxation and respite for the local community. 


Whilst Covid 19 might have forced us to shut our doors, we are still committed to that vision. So keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming series of online events and exhibitions that will bring as much as possible of what you love about Severndroog into your living room as well as allowing you to delve deeper in to the history of the Tower than ever before.


Whilst we are doing our best to adapt to these difficult times, the closure of the Castle has had a hugely detrimental impact on the income that is vital to sustaining Severndroog. We rely on visitors and events to provide the funding to keep the Castle open to the public and the current lockdown means we have lost those vital streams of revenue. If you can, please consider donating or becoming a supporter of the Castle to help save Severndroog and ensure the doors can re-open to the public in the future.