The works of art included in the exhibition are not the only eighteenth- and nineteenth-century images which feature Severndroog. Due to copyright restrictions, we have not been able to reproduce all of these artworks here. However, if you would like to see more historic pictures of Severndroog, you can follow the links below, which will allow you to explore images of the castle in the online collections of the British Museum, the British Library and the National Maritime Museum.




John Charnock’s slightly out-of-proportion pictures of Blackheath and Woolwich Common feature Severndroog amongst a number of local landmarks. Some, including Montagu House and Blackheath’s windmills (which are also pictured in Lemuel Francis Abbott’s To the Society of Goffers) are now lost.


  • ‘An Execution’, in Transactions of the Two Criminals, Geo. Webb and Rd. Russell, Convicted of Burglary and Executed on Shooter's-Hill (London: B. Crosby, Tegg, Harrild and Langley, 1805), British Library.


This illustration appeared in a memoir of the notorious burglars George Webb and Richard Russell, which was published to coincide with their execution on Shooter’s Hill in 1805. The image records the moment of the burglars’ hanging and the large, raucous crowd that assembled to watch the sentence carried out. Severndroog looms up above the two men on the gibbet, transformed into a dark, forbidding fortress faintly reminiscent of the Tower of London, another site of grisly law and order.



This print is a copy of the panorama that Thomas Horner sketched from the top of St Paul’s Cathedral, and which Edmund Thomas Parris later painted onto the dome of the Regent’s Park Colosseum. Severndroog is labelled as ‘The Tower on Shooter’s Hill’ (no. 3) in the key.






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