Maths is a key aspect of all historic buildings. Severndroog Castle is an unusual building and offers a range of possibilities for investigative mathematics. During your visit your children will find opportunities to practice numbers, shapes, symmetry, measurement and estimation.


Below, you can choose some activities that will help you and your children to discover the mathematics of the castle.


Building and Symmetry

Looking at the symmetry of the castle.


Shapes and Patterns

Identifying the use of shapes and patterns around the castle.



A castle is a good place to develop creativity in spoken and written English. There are opportunities for developing vocabulary through observation and investigation, and scope for your students to practice different styles of written composition.


Through its stories, Severndroog Castle can take your students back in time and will challenge them to improve their vocabulary, increase their observation skills, encourage them to research and read, and will hopefully inspire them to write descriptive narratives.


Below you will find examples of activities that will challenge them to practice their English skills.


Adjectives and Nouns


Primary School Resources

A visit to Severndroog Castle offers a range of possibilities for investigative mathematics and the development of English skills.

You can choose from the downloadable activities. There is supporting information for teachers and parents, and ideas for preparation and follow-up work as well as outdoor activities.