Severndroog Castle was built by Lady James, probably as a memorial to her husband. It was used as a museum, to house some of the mementos of his career.





Its style reminds us of castles built as fortresses, and its high location makes it an impressive feature in the landscape. But, unlike such castles, Severndroog is small and has no living accommodation.





Dover Castle keep was built in the 1160s. It has thick stone walls and small windows, for defence. 



In the 18th century it was popular with rich people to build eye-catching buildings which had no practical use, but were a display of the owner’s wealth, reputation or learning. Many of these buildings became known as ‘follies’.





Broadway Tower, built in 1794, is one example of a folly.



Severndroog Castle is a Gothic-style building. Popular in the 18th century, the style used features from medieval churches, cathedrals and castles, including arched windows, stone carvings, spires and turrets.

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